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      Work With Me

      • • Are you dealing with chronic health issues and weight gain and not seeing the results you want no matter what you try?
      • • Are you tired of diets that you can’t stick to?
      • • Are you chronically fatigued and struggling to deal with your everyday living?
      • • Do lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising?

      The idea is not to obsess over calories or carbs. Do you know it can be achievable, free of restrictions with whole foods?

      As a Plant-Based Nutrition Counseling Specialist and Health Coach, I will guide you to create a supportive environment that will help you to make gradual, life-long changes—that will enable you to reach your healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and rewarding.

      Together, we will explore specific ways for you and your body to discover foods, tools, and strategies that will help you to live energized and illness-free!


      Schedule today your first discovery consultation with me!

      During your first consultation we will:
          •    Discuss your health history, your plant food preferences and overall health goals in depth.
          •    Evaluate your current nutritional status.
          •    Talk about how a personalized meal plan based on plant foods will help you to lose weight and reverse & prevent chronic illness.
          •    I will assess your daily activity level and energy demands based on your basal metabolic rate.
          •    To maintain a complete accountability throughout your weight loss we will meet twice a month for 50-minute follow-up appointments.

      Along with your follow-up counseling sessions I will include:
          •    Email & text messages support between sessions.
          •    Continuing testing of your metabolic rate and body composition.
          •    Modifications in your personalized meal plan.

      Because I don’t Sell Packages. I Deliver Results.

      My services are for those who are willing to commit to a new and exciting life transformation rich with nourishment with plant foods.
      ~ Eva Cruz.

      "Eva Cruz was very good at sending me examples of videos showing others that gained from the experience that she is administering. She prepared meal plans for me and was very receptive to listen to my suggestions/recommendations to the meal plans. I would recommend Eva to any of my friends."
      - Paul E., Dallas, May, 2020

      "Trusting Eva with my latest attempt to lose weight and improve my health was a great decision! Because I’ve failed several times in the past with other diets, I was skeptical if I could stick with a plant-based diet. But after my initial consultation with her, I was much more confident that I had found the right person to help me, hold me accountable and provide positivity along the way. As someone who relied heavily on his microwave to make meals at home, Eva crafted a meal plan that was easy for me to shop for and make. Plus she fully understood that I would still occasionally indulge in favorite foods that didn’t fall within the meal plan. I quickly learned the benefit of the 80/20 rule—that by consuming 80% nutritious food, I could still enjoy 20% of less nutritious food (pizza & beer for me!). Bottom line is that on May 4, I told her I wanted to lose 33 lbs. by my birthday in September. With her help I achieved that goal on July 18—less than three months after Eva and I started together. And now I look forward to continuing with the healthy habits she has instilled in me. Thanks Eva!!" - Jon Ailmon, August, 2020

      Join Us And Work With Me