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      As you benefit from My Nutrition for Better Living program you may experience these events unfolding in your life:

      ●     Setting health goals and accomplishing them in an empowering and exciting way

      ●     Using a customized meal plan designed for your specific needs
      ●     Being held accountable to eat less foods from the Standard American Diet without stress, or confusion
      ●     Working together with me to achieve and maintain your ideal weight for years to come
      ●     Increasing your energy levels
      ●     Improving your digestion and gut health

      "Eva is passionate about helping you meet your goals. Her daily response to what I eat has helped me stay on track. You will learn about new plant based foods like cactus. The closer you follow her plans, the quicker you will get results. Lost 20 pounds over the last 5 months." - Jeffrey M., Dallas, May, 2020

      and also:
      ●     Sleeping better
      ●     Reversing and prevent chronic illness
      ●     Strengthening your immune system
      ●     Improving your personal relationships and discovering the confidence to create the life you want


      "I visited Eva for 5 months to seek help to control my diabetes and to learn how to prevent a heart procedure. I'm glad that I came across her, she not only has helped me to get my diabetes under control and not having a heart stent procedure, but also she taught me how to cook easy and delicious plant based meals.
      Her accountability is great, she's also very patient and she's always there for me when I get an unhealthy food trigger. I highly recommend her if you are looking to reverse any chronic illness or just shedding some pounds."
      - Rafel R., Dallas, May 2020